We offer a wide range of GIS services. We know that no two situations are alike and work to understand how GIS can best serve your needs. We do not provide 'cookie-cutter' solutions and customize our work for each client and project.

GIS Consulting

Let us bring over 22+ years of GIS experience to assist the needs of your organization. No project is too big or too small. We can provide GIS consulting services that range from very small engagements to annual professional GIS service and support.


The bread and butter of our operation. We work with many agricultural associations across the country to provide GIS services, mapping and analysis.

GIS System Planning & Design

From Enterprise level systems planning to recommendations for minor system upgrades or GIS technology strategies. Will work to provide the system and services that are the best fit for your operations. Once size (or needs) does not fit all.

Communicative Mapping

We have extensive background and have won many awards for our communicative maps. We can assist you in designing maps that communicate your operations, a specific message or to educate a group about your mission.

Cultural Resource Data Mgmt

We have over 15+ years of working with Cultural Resource Data (Archaeological, Historical, National Register, Local Preservation Organization). Let us help you add the GIS elements to assist your mission.

Religious GIS Services

From geographic analysis and information about your congregation or other GIS services that might help your mission; we are here to assist. In the Spirit of the diaconate we strive to use GIS services to serve your parish and others.